Welcome to our newly designed, e-commerce enabled website!

We have spent years trying to reconcile our core business model of high-touch, extremely personalized service with the more commoditized business of e-commerce.  Obviously, it will never be possible to duplicate what we do in person in an online experience, but we hope that in this iteration of our website, you will at least be able to see what we are about, designers we carry and the selections we make within these collections.  This newly designed site is our first draft in the process of trying to bring as much of our in-store experience to the online world.  We intend to continue to revise and improve our website to make it the best online representation of what we do in our physical store.  However, the only real way for you to have the true “ikram” experience is to come into our store yourself. 

In our inaugural iteration of our website, we would like to point out several features.  First, we are not putting everything online, but instead only selected items which we believe will work well online or showcase our selections.  Second, we have tried to put together selected “Looks” – outfit combinations which can be worn together, much like we would do for a client in the store.  Third, we have a “Dressing room”, where you can select your favorite pieces, save them for later, combine them into outfits, and send them to friends.  We can also use the dressing room to send you individual items or outfits if you would like our help with picking out pieces. 

Finally, a note about our product photography: we have consciously decided to use our mannequins, for which we are already known, rather than using models because we felt strongly that models are too “specific” whereas the mannequins can be more abstract.  Since we have a wide variety of customers, we felt it would be too limiting to put individual items on particular models.

We intend to roll out additional features in the future.  If you have any ideas or feedback, we would love to hear from you.  You can use the “contact us” page or you can e-mail us at support@ikram.com.